Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

7 Dec

oatmeal raisin cooling rack oatmeal raisin one

Soooo I’ve actually started working in a cake shop for the last few months and though I’ve made a bunch of desserts at home, I haven’t photographed them or even remembered a bunch of the recipes I’ve used/modified. I’m going to try to get back on that, but between baking at home and work, posting online about recipe just seems to be the thing that gets cut. Here’s a post from a few months ago that I had queued up and ready to go.

Though my husband isn’t so big on chocolate, he loves his oatmeal raisin cookies. Last time I made them, I forgot to photograph them.

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Decorating Practice: Cupcakes

5 Aug

cc prac multi

Although many cool decorations can be done on cakes, they don’t really transfer to cupcakes. However, you don’t get much of a chance with cupcakes to make the impression without added decorations, so I wanted to try at least a couple of new things.

The classic: swirl and rose

cc prac classic top cc prac classic side

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Vanilla Cheesecake

28 Jul

cheesecake whole cheesecake slice

It’s been a long time since I made a cheesecake. I absolutely love it as does my mom, but it’s one of the more expensive things to make, so I haven’t bothered in many many years. However, one of my students was doing well in class and loves cheesecake, so in addition to the cookies I made, I also gave a basic cheesecake another try. She gave me this recipe that she loves to make/have made, so I adapted it slightly after reading the comments there and about 10 other cheesecake recipes online to see what various alterations other people made.

I am so glad I made this, though a little frightened that it’s going to lead to a lot more cheesecakes and a lot more pounds on my waistline. This was so creamy and didn’t crack at all, another fear of trying to make cheesecake, though I’m not sure THAT many people care about it, especially once sliced. (The small dot in the center was from a thermometer just to make sure it was right since it’s been awhile.) This was also a pretty hefty cheesecake, but I picked the middle ground between some that were almost sure to run over and those that seemed just a little too thin for what I wanted.

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Decorating Practice: Buttercream ruffles

22 Jul

bc prac ruffle top both

I’ve done a fair bit of practicing lately and here are the most recent on two types of buttercream ruffles- vertical and horizontal. Both make amazing looking cakes! As you can tell, they’re practiced on dummies, but I don’t think a real cake would be any harder, as it might be for other decorations:

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

19 Jul

cc cookie cup single

cc cookie cup 3


There is nothing more that I love than chocolate and gooey cookies. So, these chocolate chip cookie cups were an immediate must bake when I found them. They were nothing short of amazing, even though my husband though they had “too much chocolate.” Psh, says a guy who is just okay with chocolate. I, on the other hand, thought these were everything I had dreamed they would be.

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Decorating Practice: RJ’s birthday cake

16 Jul

RJ cake top RJ cake cut open

For the best man in our wedding, I couldn’t skimp on a birthday cake! I made the chocolate cake I made here. Then I covered with marshmallow fondant and some decorations. It was really pretty and really tasty! I secretly love other people’s birthdays because it’s a chance to make a cake that I don’t make eat in its entirety!

Following is the decorating step by step:

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Chocolate cake with sour cream

4 Jul

wilton 3 decorated cake cut wilton 3 decorated cake sideI have made a few chocolate cakes in my time, but I’ve had a carton of sour cream in my fridge for a little bit from another recipe that I wanted to use up. The recipe I normally use is this one from my shower cupcakes. It’s moist and very chocolatey without overdoing it, though honestly I’m not sure I would know what overdoing chocolate looks like.

I did a search for sour cream chocolate cakes, since I needed another cake for my decorating class and I knew I’d seen those recipes before. I combined a few of them into this recipe. Trust me, there is nothing more scary that combining recipes/creating recipes and hoping that they turn out, especially if you’re going to need them for something. I decided to give it a go since if it went really poorly I could just decorate it up, take pictures, and toss it. Luckily, it turned out well.

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