Fondant and gum paste

5 Jun

Here’s my next cake decorating class pictures (Wilton 3: Fondant and gum paste). I loved getting to learn how to make all these cool flowers and decorations, which culminated in this cake (post on chocolate cake soon to be posted):

wilton 3 decorated cake top

Fondant bow (50/50 gum paste and fondant):

fondant bow fresh fondant bow day 2

Rose (gum paste):

rosebud 051314 rose gumpaste 051314

Carnation (gum paste):

carnations 051314 carnation 051314gp carnation tipped

Calla lilies (gum paste):

calla lily side 051314 calla lily 051314

(All 3):

flowers gumpaste 051314

Mums (gum pastes):

gp mum top gp mum side

Daisy (gum paste):

gp daisy

Inlays/overlays (fondant):

gp fondant inlays overlays

Some practice:

gumpaste bases 2 051914calla lilies 051914practice gp carnations 060414practice gp roses 060414


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