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Fool’s Toffee

31 May

fools toffeeThis is one of the first dessert recipes I made after leaving home. My friend introduced it to me in college as there were only two kitchens for students to use on campus, so they were crowded and had very little equipment. It has to be one of the easiest recipes out there and is by far my most requested recipe. I absolutely love it! Much to my chagrin, it has become quite popular in the last year or two and no longer is my special secret recipe.

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Chocolate covered Peanut Butter Bars

5 May

hollywood sq w chocolateThis week was another test week for my students, so I decided on two new desserts to make them when for when they handed in the tests. One of them was suggested the day before by a student who claimed these were the best thing ever in school cafeteria lunches and called them “Hollywood squares.” I was a little nervous because sometimes cafeteria food is… not the best. However, I had previously made these lunch lady peanut butter bars (another peanut buttery treat!), so I was willing to give them a try. Plus, it’s chocolate and peanut butter, how can that go wrong? Needless to say, I’m happy I followed her idea because they were fantastic. Continue reading

Updated*Cinnamon Chip Cookie Dough Cream Cheese bars

18 Aug

cheesecake bar updated

Updated:I made some serious adjustments since last time and I still would make one more: I’d increase at least by 1.5-2x the cookie balls. I didn’t take a finished picture, but the height of the cream cheese was good, it just needed a little more density of cookie balls. Much better this time and I’ll probably try again soonish with more cookie balls.

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Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bars and a note about frostings

10 Aug

lunch lady peanut butter bars close up

I was trying to come up with a non chocolatey recipe for a gathering with a few of my friends, one of which can’t eat chocolate. I was leaning towards peanut butter since my husband isn’t such a fan (whaaat?!) and stumbled across these. I couldn’t resist! They do make way more than I anticipated, so for a 9×13 you’d definitely want to cut this in half. However, it will feed a crowd very well at its current size! Oh, and I won my husband over to the peanut butter train with these.

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Pumpkin Butterscotch Chip Bars

20 Jun

pumpkin butterscotch barsI know it’s the spring and pumpkin isn’t in style… err… in season right now, but I had a container left and I love it and was craving pumpkin, so I went for it. I was pretty proud of this recipe because although I’ve altered recipes enough in the past that they’re pretty much mine, this was a full new composition and IT WORKED! I threw in the butterscotch chips because they’ve been in my freezer for awhile and I thought the flavors would work well together. These went over fantastically well and I’m thinking of adapting the recipe for other bars. They were nice and soft without being so gooey they didn’t hold their shape.

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Guinness Brownies

1 Jun

guiness brownies cut

These brownies were at the request of my fiance’s lab. I’d never heard of them until this last St. Patrick’s Day when someone gave me one to try. I didn’t much like what I tasted, so I was hesitant to try them. There wasn’t enough of a chocolate flavor and they were pretty cake like instead of fudge like. Confession: I also don’t like Guinness, so I wasn’t sure I’d ever like a Guinness brownie.

I searched around online and all recipes for Guinness Brownies I came across seemed the same, so I felt pretty confident that that is what was used in the brownies I had tasted. Off to modify! They came out FANTASTIC! They are a bit more cake like than a normal brownie, but still fudgy at the same time.

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chocolate chip cookie dough fudge

28 May

cookie dough fudge top

So not only was this an amazing tasting fudge, but this is probably one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of my food. I’m not a great photographer and I’m usually just trying to capture what I’m making in a somewhat pleasant way, but this picture made me happy. In other news, this fudge made everyone I gave it to pretty happy.

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