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29 Jan

challah baked challah baked both loaves

This is a great bread for french toast or just eating on it’s own. All the honey, eggs, and oil make this a very flavorful and moist bread.

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Brownie Batter Balls

29 Jan

brownie batter balls half dipped

I’ve made Oreo truffles in the past for Christmas (where half the recipe is posted with the cookies and cream cupcakes) and many other things, but this year I went for another twist with these brownie batter balls. I think I still prefer the Oreo truffles, but these are pretty darned good too! I also apparently packed these off and handed them out before getting final pictures.

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Fudgy Snow Balls

23 Jan

date balls sugar coated

This is a no bake recipe that I’ve nabbed again from Gina of Skinnytaste. I was making so many high fat and high sugar cookies that I wanted to find something a little safer to snack on.  Continue reading

White Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Blondies

20 Jan

white chocolate gingerbread cut

Of all the goodies I made this Christmas season, this seemed to be the universal favorite. I tried to go out of the box this year with my treats and this definitely was.

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Hot Chocolate Mix

18 Jan

hot choc mix 1.17.13


I tried a recipe for hot cocoa mix before Christmas and it… wasn’t too good. I tried to doctor it a bit and gave some to my fiance. To his credit, he tried it more than once, but it really just wasn’t what either of us look for in hot chocolate. I need sweet and chocolatey! It also made like 4 cups of mix and even as much as I kept trying to modify it, that’s too much even if it’s a good mix. I decided tonight to make up my own recipe (after looking up some other recipes and merging some ideas) and it’s amazing! I may still tweak this a little, but here it is for now.

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Caramel Brownies

18 Jan

caramel brownies cutcaramel brownie top close

Here’s (finally!) the follow up recipe from the salted caramel I made. These were some amazing bars that I’m going to have to try not to make again any time soon because I don’t trust myself around them!

*Updated! I did this too long ago and forgot which recipe I used!

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