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Updated*Cinnamon Chip Cookie Dough Cream Cheese bars

18 Aug

cheesecake bar updated

Updated:I┬ámade some serious adjustments since last time and I still would make one more: I’d increase at least by 1.5-2x the cookie balls. I didn’t take a finished picture, but the height of the cream cheese was good, it just needed a little more density of cookie balls. Much better this time and I’ll probably try again soonish with more cookie balls.

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Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bars and a note about frostings

10 Aug

lunch lady peanut butter bars close up

I was trying to come up with a non chocolatey recipe for a gathering with a few of my friends, one of which can’t eat chocolate. I was leaning towards peanut butter since my husband isn’t such a fan (whaaat?!) and stumbled across these. I couldn’t resist! They do make way more than I anticipated, so for a 9×13 you’d definitely want to cut this in half. However, it will feed a crowd very well at its current size! Oh, and I won my husband over to the peanut butter train with these.

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Banana Sheet Cake

10 Aug

banana sheet cake frosted side

I had a bunch of bananas left over that were getting pretty ripe. Although I love banana bread, I wanted to make something different. I found a banana sheet cake recipe that looked promising and decided with a nice coating of cream cheese frosting, it would hit the spot.

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