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Decorating Class 2

30 Apr

This isn’t a recipe post, but I wanted to document the things I made in my second decorating class (Wilton Course 2: Decorating flowers). I learned a bunch of new techniques, mostly revolving around royal icing, but with a little gum paste and fondant thrown in for good measure. It was nice to learn some other ways to make my cakes look pretty! I can make them taste good, so I want to make them look as good. So, here are a few of them, obviously a work in progress, but at least learning how.

gum paste and fondant button flowers and pansies:

pansies and button flowers

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banana oatmeal cookies

26 Apr

banana cookie brown sugar banana cookie baked

“Two ingredient” cookies have been taking the world- or at least pinterest- by storm, so I thought I’d give them a try. I adjusted them a little and tried them two different ways. Chocolate chips made them okay, but I have to admit that adding some brown sugar made them really seem like cookies and still be pretty healthy (top with brown sugar, bottom picture without). No surprise, in recent months since I made these, more and more ingredients have been added to them (peanut butter, cinnamon, coconut oil) because without oil or sweetness, they’re just a tad too bland.

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1234 cake

20 Apr

1234 cake top 1234 cake sideI was taking a cake decorating class and needed a good cake to make for my final class. I had made one before that made wonderful cupcakes (and was originally a cake recipe!) and it crumbled like crazy when I tried to tort it (cut it in half to fill it). I found some recipes that claimed to be awesome and I’m sure they are and will try them soon (probably for my final class of my 2nd cake decorating class this week!), but I needed something easy and tasty, so I settled on a 1234 cake. It was pretty good, moist, didn’t crumble and though I’ll try others, it’s definitely going to be my quick go to recipe.

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Funfetti Cake

16 Apr

funfetti frosted

For my husband’s birthday, I made a funfetti cake. He’s a fan of anything with sprinkles, so I thought it would be a fun surprise. This cake was very moist and sprinkles definitely made it fun. Since the cake uses melted butter, you don’t need a mixer for the cake itself, but you will for the frosting.  Continue reading

Pecan Pie (and Apple pie pictures)

10 Apr

pecan pieHere’s one of the pies I made on my New Year’s visit to my in-laws. Considering how much of this was snuck by various family members late at night, I’d say I did a pretty darned good job. I was also partial to it over apple pie (pictured below with lattice crust). It is quite sweet, but that’s pretty much what I’m looking for in my pecan pie since it’s balanced by the fats in the pecans.

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Pan Pizza

6 Apr

pan pizza pepperoni pan pizza pepperoni slice

My husband loves the pizza I normally make, though it is usually a thinner crust in favor of our waist lines. He found this recipe and asked if I would be able to make it sometime and I was ready to tackle the challenge! I still haven’t had a chance to remake it, but just having this up makes me want to make it again. It was incredibly tasty pan pizza and the original recipe has many tips you may want to check out.

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No-yeast cinnamon rolls

6 Apr

no yeast roll doneGrowing up, my mom would often make cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings. I recently decided to give them a go and had to modify the recipe a little bit. They aren’t as fluffy as yeast rolls, but they are still really good and there was a certain nostalgia to them. Plus, I want cinnamon rolls when I wake up and this is a much quicker way then waiting forever for them to rise (well, it seems like forever that early in the morning!).

Also, as a note, the roll pictured here is when I made a half batch and still made 12 rolls. They needed a little less time and were still good, but making them bigger made them closer to a normal cinnamon roll size- and I don’t have to feel bad that I’m eating 4 of them when they’re tiny. Same amount, but just eating 2 seems so much better!

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