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Practice decorations- Rosette Cake

27 Jun

I’ve been trying to practice different decorating techniques and hope to be able to continue that over the summer. Instead of waiting until I have several, I’m going to make them each shorter posts so that I can get them up quicker, find them easier, and if I do fall behind, the little posts are up. I’ll be labeling them all “Practice decorations” followed by the technique.

I just finished Wilton course 3 in time to find out that they have replaced course 1, 2, and 3. I have picked up the new lesson books for 1 and 2 (with 3 hopefully soon) and they have some updated ideas and variations on the techniques I already learned, so I hope to be able to try some of them soon!

I started with a rosette cake- completely covered in white buttercream rosettes with a 1M Wilton tip. I love, love, LOVE rosettes. Not just on cake, mind you, but pretty much anywhere. You may also juuuust be able to see some peach under there, as I also practiced my cake covering skills with the rest of the peach fondant. It also helped me to make sure I was completely filling in with the roses.


rosette cake 3 060414


rosette cake 1 060414

You might notice on the top, there were a couple of sections I had to fill in, but overall I think it came out great. It uses a ton of buttercream, but the actual piping goes pretty quickly!


Fondant and gum paste

5 Jun

Here’s my next cake decorating class pictures (Wilton 3: Fondant and gum paste). I loved getting to learn how to make all these cool flowers and decorations, which culminated in this cake (post on chocolate cake soon to be posted):

wilton 3 decorated cake top

Fondant bow (50/50 gum paste and fondant):

fondant bow fresh fondant bow day 2

Rose (gum paste):

rosebud 051314 rose gumpaste 051314

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