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No-yeast cinnamon rolls

6 Apr

no yeast roll doneGrowing up, my mom would often make cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings. I recently decided to give them a go and had to modify the recipe a little bit. They aren’t as fluffy as yeast rolls, but they are still really good and there was a certain nostalgia to them. Plus, I want cinnamon rolls when I wake up and this is a much quicker way then waiting forever for them to rise (well, it seems like forever that early in the morning!).

Also, as a note, the roll pictured here is when I made a half batch and still made 12 rolls. They needed a little less time and were still good, but making them bigger made them closer to a normal cinnamon roll size- and I don’t have to feel bad that I’m eating 4 of them when they’re tiny. Same amount, but just eating 2 seems so much better!

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croissants take 1

30 Jul

croissant baked

A slight disclaimer: I did make these croissants, but they weren’t as successful as I would like, so I’ve delayed posting this for a couple months now. It’s been too hot to retry them, so I might as well post and then show new pictures when I can try again. I might be me since it was my first time making them, but they weren’t light and the ends splayed out in each layer instead of staying together. I scanned through several recipes after making these and the only difference was many of the other recipes let them rise for upwards of two hours before making them and then putting them briefly back in the fridge for the butter to cool. I think I might try that another time. All the rest of the steps seemed pretty common though and I’ll post my (almost) step by step pictures. Regardless, they were quite tasty, just not quite a croissant.

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29 Jan

challah baked challah baked both loaves

This is a great bread for french toast or just eating on it’s own. All the honey, eggs, and oil make this a very flavorful and moist bread.

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BBA sticky buns

7 Oct

I spotted the book The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart on a friend’s cookbook shelf back in February, right around the time I was really thinking about kicking up my baking habits several notches. It seemed like it could teach me some good recipes and generally improve me as a baker. I bought it pretty soon after that and have made a couple of the recipes since. Even if you follow the recipe as I have it, I highly recommend that you buy this book as he gives many more tips through out the book, ingredient alternatives, ¬†and mass measurements, which are essential for many of his recipes.

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