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Vanilla Cheesecake

28 Jul

cheesecake whole cheesecake slice

It’s been a long time since I made a cheesecake. I absolutely love it as does my mom, but it’s one of the more expensive things to make, so I haven’t bothered in many many years. However, one of my students was doing well in class and loves cheesecake, so in addition to the cookies I made, I also gave a basic cheesecake another try. She gave me this recipe that she loves to make/have made, so I adapted it slightly after reading the comments there and about 10 other cheesecake recipes online to see what various alterations other people made.

I am so glad I made this, though a little frightened that it’s going to lead to a lot more cheesecakes and a lot more pounds on my waistline. This was so creamy and didn’t crack at all, another fear of trying to make cheesecake, though I’m not sure THAT many people care about it, especially once sliced. (The small dot in the center was from a thermometer just to make sure it was right since it’s been awhile.) This was also a pretty hefty cheesecake, but I picked the middle ground between some that were almost sure to run over and those that seemed just a little too thin for what I wanted.

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Pecan Pie (and Apple pie pictures)

10 Apr

pecan pieHere’s one of the┬ápies I made on my New Year’s visit to my in-laws. Considering how much of this was snuck by various family members late at night, I’d say I did a pretty darned good job. I was also partial to it over apple pie (pictured below with lattice crust). It is quite sweet, but that’s pretty much what I’m looking for in my pecan pie since it’s balanced by the fats in the pecans.

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Peach Pie

16 Jul


peach pie little baked

I wanted to test out my new pie crust recipe and decided a peach pie was a great way to go. Technically, it’s a nectarine pie, but peach pie just sounds simpler. The pie crust made the lattice super easy and since I had extra, not knowing how much the crust would make, I made the mini pie pictured above.

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Chess Pie

16 Jul

chess pie slice chess pie side gooey

I had my grandma’s pie crust recipe all worked out and I wanted to try it again. I asked my husband what kind of pie he wanted and he responded (after much searching on the internet) “chess pie!” I had only somewhat heard of chess pie, so I had to do a little searching on my own. Turns out it’s a southern treat that is a little like a custard pie, but nice and sweet. I was a little nervous to try it, but it came out great and tasted absolutely amazing!

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Pie Crust

22 Jun

pie crust unbakedI think I’ve posted other pie crust recipes that I’ve worked with a bit so that I’ve gotten them to work. However, on a recent trip home, my mom convinced me that I needed to try my great grandma’s pie recipe since it was the best she’d ever had and was easy to work with. I couldn’t turn down a family recipe, so when I bought some nice peaches last week (peach pie post to come), I decided to give it a try. I made is as is and I’m sure glad I did because it was perfect! It was pliable and baked up insanely flaky! I could tell how flaky it would be as while I was rolling it out, super thin layers would peel back.

Mmm, I can’t wait to make this again! I think it’s ruined me to all other pie crusts.

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Apple pie with homemade double crust

1 Nov

It’s the perfect time of year for apple pie. I’ve made two already over the summer and both times I had crust issues. I’ve made a crust before, but not since really concentrating on what I’m doing and trying to learn the feel of different dough to hopefully make my own recipes ┬ásome day and they had turned out fine. I finally realized my problem was that I read too many of the “tips” for making a pie crust. Most recipes warn of adding too much water, which can result in a tough crust, and since I’m a chemist and pay pretty close attention to recipes, I was actually adding too little and making a kind of crumble. It was doubly compounded by the fact that I used a mixture of butter and shortening, which tastes great, but the shortening is softer and gives the dough the appearance of being held together with water before it really is.

This time, however, I was successful in my pie crafting. I’ll add a couple more of my own tips and what I’ll be trying in future pie crust adventures. For now, the recipe:

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