Decorating Practice: Cupcakes

5 Aug

cc prac multi

Although many cool decorations can be done on cakes, they don’t really transfer to cupcakes. However, you don’t get much of a chance with cupcakes to make the impression without added decorations, so I wanted to try at least a couple of new things.

The classic: swirl and rose

cc prac classic top cc prac classic side

Drop flowers/hydrangeas/star tip dots (since I’m not sure the best way to name them):

cc prac star dots

cc prac star drop top

cc prac 2d drop top

cc prac hydrangea

cc prac hydrangea top


cc prac ruffle top cc prac ruffle side


cc prac petal top


cc prac petal side

Scallop and zigzag:

cc prac zigzag top cc prac scallop side

cc prac scallop top

cc prac zigzag side

Lines (less exciting here, but would look good with multiple colors):

cc practice lines


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