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Oreo balls (truffles)

18 May

oreo balls

It was the last lab time for the semester and I used it as review. I also made my students Oreo balls or, as I told them, if we’re fancy, Oreo truffles. These aren’t hard to make, with the occasional exception of dipping them if temperatures aren’t quite right, but they are pretty darned tasty. If you don’t like chocolate, these are too much. If you love chocolate, these are perfect for you.

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Vanilla Fudge

18 Feb

vanilla fudge done

I got this recipe from my mom. I’ve been wanting for awhile to make real fudge, not the quick stuff ¬†with condensed milk and chocolate chips, as tasty as that is too. I still have to make the chocolate version, but this vanilla version is amazing. I did have to make it twice as I made some of the common fudge making errors the first time and it got all gritty and didn’t quite set up the first time around. I’m posting pictures of both versions of the fudge and I’ll post comments along the way and combine them all again at the end to help you out if this is your first time too!

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Hot Chocolate Mix

18 Jan

hot choc mix 1.17.13


I tried a recipe for hot cocoa mix before Christmas and it… wasn’t too good. I tried to doctor it a bit and gave some to my fiance. To his credit, he tried it more than once, but it really just wasn’t what either of us look for in hot chocolate. I need sweet and chocolatey! It also made like 4 cups of mix and even as much as I kept trying to modify it, that’s too much even if it’s a good mix. I decided tonight to make up my own recipe (after looking up some other recipes and merging some ideas) and it’s amazing! I may still tweak this a little, but here it is for now.

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Chocolate Chip Scones

11 Nov

I’m not the best morning person out there, but I don’t like to have the same thing every morning for breakfast. All through school, I had either cereal or an english muffin every morning. When I hit college, I decided that a bland same breakfast every day was no more! However, I’m barely awake for the first hour or so that I’m up and wanting to eat breakfast, so things that I can bake ahead of time and freeze individually to pull out and heat up on a whim are great. Scones fit that category quite well.

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