Oreo balls (truffles)

18 May

oreo balls

It was the last lab time for the semester and I used it as review. I also made my students Oreo balls or, as I told them, if we’re fancy, Oreo truffles. These aren’t hard to make, with the occasional exception of dipping them if temperatures aren’t quite right, but they are pretty darned tasty. If you don’t like chocolate, these are too much. If you love chocolate, these are perfect for you.

Adapted from: pretty much everywhere! I think Oreo has an original version somewhere.

Makes: 30 balls (more if you make them smaller)

1 bag of Oreos or similar chocolate sandwich cookies (about 36-40 cookies)
8 oz softened cream cheese
12-16 oz. chocolate (I used semi sweet chocolate chips)
vegetable oil to thin the chocolate

1) Crush up the sandwich cookies a little by hand unless you have a very strong food processor.
2) Add the crushed cookies to the food processor and blend until crumbs.
3) Add the soften cream cheese in 4 blocks a little at a time using the pulse on your food processor. You can also use a blender, but you might have to turn it off to mix it up a bit with a spoon.

oreo crumbles

4) Form into ~1 inch balls and freeze. Unless your house is cold, the fridge likely won’t be enough to keep these cool enough to stay together when dipping.

oreo ball uncoated

5) After about an hour, melt the chocolate at 30 second intervals on 50% power, stirring each time. Once the chocolate is just melted, determine if the chocolate is thin enough. If you’re using chocolate chips, you may need to add a tsp at a time of vegetable oil to thin out the chocolate- a real life saver this last time I made them.
6) Remove the balls from the freezer and using two forks, roll the balls in the chocolate until coated. Use the forks alternating to try to remove excess chocolate and then put back on the parchment lined baking sheet or surface. Once all are dipped, put back in the fridge to harden the chocolate before eating.


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