Decorating Class 2

30 Apr

This isn’t a recipe post, but I wanted to document the things I made in my second decorating class (Wilton Course 2: Decorating flowers). I learned a bunch of new techniques, mostly revolving around royal icing, but with a little gum paste and fondant thrown in for good measure. It was nice to learn some other ways to make my cakes look pretty! I can make them taste good, so I want to make them look as good. So, here are a few of them, obviously a work in progress, but at least learning how.

gum paste and fondant button flowers and pansies:

pansies and button flowers



The rest are royal icing. First up, primroses:

More primroses and apple blossoms (the smaller ones):
primrose and apple blossom

My first try at ‘Wilton’ roses:

rose royal icing early

My next set of roses, much more opened up and prettier, in my opinion:rose royal icing many rose royal icing pink rose royal icing single

And finally, daffodils. My icing was warming and running a bit, but I liked how these looked and am looking for any reason to make them again. daffodil royal icing


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