Shower cupcakes

27 May

all 4 cupcakes 030213In an effort to make these all easier to find, I’ll list here all the links to the recipes for the cupcakes I made for my bridal shower. I didn’t realize how crazy I was until I started to make my third or fourth frosting. They were a definite hit. I know you aren’t supposed to do much at all for your own shower, but I love to bake and everyone raved about my cupcakes, so I think they let it slide. I also couldn’t see spending the money when I could use the time to work on some recipes. Much thanks to my fiance and his lab for being my taste testers as I made several variations of the cakes and frostings the week before the shower so when 30 ladies at them, I knew I was giving them something good.

The biggest hits were the peanut butter and caramel frosting because they seemed a little more luxurious. I’ve had to resist making more and more of the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes just for myself.

Vanilla Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake

Buttercream frosting (with peanut butter and strawberry variations)

Cream cheese frosting (with caramel and raspberry variations)


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